Music everywhere! 

Surfer Joe. The Tikiyaki Orchestra. Brother Cleve. Gold Dust Lounge. King Kukalele. The Volcanics. Slowey and the Boats. Skinny Jimmy. James Browns Sweat. King Kukulele. The Intoxicators.


New this year: live performances at our pool parties – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. As well as DJs James Brown’s Sweat, DJ Hi-Tide and Brother Cleve.


Music at the Mai Kai

DJ Hi-Tide - 7:00PM

Gold Dust Lounge - 8:30PM

DJ Hi-Tide - 10:00PM


Music at the Crystal Ballroom

Master of Ceremonies - King Kukulele

The Swinging' Palms - 6:30PM

Slowey and the Boats - 8:00PM

Music at Pier 66 Pier Top

DJ Brother Cleve


Pool Party

DJ Brother Cleve - 12:00PM

Gold Dust - 1:00PM

DJ Brother Cleve - 2:00PM

Slowey and the Boats - 3:00PM

DJ Brother Cleve - 4:00PM

High Tide Party

The Swingin' Palms - 7:30PM

The Volcanics - 8:30PM

Surfer Joe - 9:30PM

The Hula Girls - 10:30PM

The Tikiyaki Orchestra - 11:30PM

The Intoxicators - 12:30PM


Pool Party

DJ Hi-Tide - 12:00PM

The Swingin' Palms - 1:00PM

DJ Hi-Tide - 2:00PM

The Volcanics - 3:00PM

DJ Hi-Tide - 4:00PM

Mai-Kai - Master of Ceremonies   King Kukulele

Molokai Bar  

Slowey and The Boats - 4:30PM-6:00PM

DJ - 6:00PM-7:30PM

The Hula Girls - 7:30PM - 9:00PM

DJ Tiki Gilhooly - 9:00PM - 1:00AM

Tahiti Room

Surfer Joe Plays the Super Classics! - 9:00PM - 9:45PM

Tikiyaki 5-0 - 10:00PM - 10:45PM

The Intoxicators - 11:00PM - 12:00AM


Skinny Jimmy at The Mai-Kai - 12:00PM - 4:00PM

Pool Party

DJ James Brown's Sweat - 12:00PM

The Hula Girls - 1:00PM

DJ James Brown's Sweat - 2:00PM

Surfer Joe - 3:00PM

DJ James Brown's Sweat - 4:00PM

The Disasternauts - 5:00PM