Symposiums + Rum Tastings 

Tiki Mugs: Everything You Wanted to Know but Were Afraid to Ask   

The mug is at the heart of it all – drinking, décor, art, and aloha. A deep history and amazing growth in mugs today have created a large community of tiki mug collectors. Mug questions? We’ve got mug answers. Our community has a large community of talented artists and producers of mugs; we’ve invited some of the best to share their ideas with you.

Presenters: Tiki Diablo, Eekum Bookum, Holden Westland

Date: Friday June 7th  Time: 11:30 AM – 12:45 PM 

Location: Panorama Ballroom  Ticket: $15

P.S. Don’t miss The Hukilau Mug Swap. Bring a mug, leave with a different one. 

Open to All – Friday @ 2Pm  Windows on the Green

Home Tiki Bars – It’s Not a Competition  (ok ….maybe  it is)

Are you showing the symptoms of Tiki Bar Envy (TBE) ? Don’t be alarmed, there are millions of others out there just like you – bravely pressing on each day, despite the heavy toll that TBE inflicts. Confront TBE head-on! Come see some of the best the world has to offer, and then hear from a panel of experts on how you can build a tiki bar of your very own, and put the pain of TBE behind you. Sensei,  tiki historian, past president of his HOA,  and chief bottle washer at the renowned Rincon Room in SoCal will be your guide and moderator thru a photo-tour of the best of the best, and practical tips you can use at your own private oasis. 

Presenter: Ron Ferrell

Date: Friday, June 7th    Time: 1:30 - 2:45 PM

Location: Panorama Ballroom      Ticket: $15

P.S. Don’t miss the Home Tiki Bar Polynesian Pop In after the symposium. Have more questions? Need more answers? Pop In! 

Open to All – Friday @ 3PM – 5PM  Windows on the Green

The Art of Trader Vic’s 

Eve Bergeron, VP of Marketing for Trader Vic’s, and granddaughter of Trader Vic, , will and  present the illustrators of the books, menu covers and other works of this iconic bar and restaurant. Eve will also give us insights in to Trader Vic as an artist himself. Eve will share stories and photos of his rich legacy of art he produced.

Presenter: Eve Bergeron

Date: Saturday June 8th   Time: 10:30 AM

Location: Panorama Ballroom Ticket: $15

Surf Music :  More than meets the ear

Surf Music Ambassador Lorenzo Valdambrini and legend JP Balak discusses surf music history & guitar techniques with demos of Surf Industries pedals & D'Addario strings!

Presenters: JP Balak and Lorenzo Valdambrini

Date: Saturday June 8th  Time: 11:00 – 12:15

Ticket: $15

P.S. Don’t miss the Home Tiki Bar Polynesian Pop In after the symposium. Have more questions? Need more answers? Pop In! 

How the British Navy Influenced the Birth of Tiki 

A century before Don the Beachcomber made the first Zombie, the British Navy was blending the same type of rums Don used for the Daily Ration. In this talk, we'll look at some newly uncovered and very surprising information about what the Navy Victualling board was making, and how it influenced early Tiki classics like the Zombie and Navy Grog. We'll finish with a look at how modern "Navy style" rums like Pusser's and Plantation OFTD play within the Tiki space, and how authentic they really are.

Presenter: Matt Pietrek (The Cocktail Wonk)

Date: Saturday June 8th    Time: 2:30 to 3:45

Location: Panorama Ballroom Ticket: $15

Women of the Mai-Kai

Explore the lives of great women who worked at the Mai-Kai. Pualani Mossman Avon lived aloha. Her family was instrumental in defining Hawaiian culture and tourism, and she was not just a heralded performer, but a dynamic and successful business woman. Mireille Thornton was born on a dot of an island in the Pacific, and came to dance in, then choreograph the Mai-Kai show, and eventually own the Mai-Kai itself. Hear their words and see new images that tell the remarkable story of these beautiful women who left their mark on the world.

Presenters: Tim “Swanky” Glazner, Randy Avon

Date: Saturday June 8th    Time: 12:30 – 1:45

Location: Panorama Ballroom  Ticket: $15

Women Who Tiki

Join us to hear a perspective on tiki which has been historically unrepresented. We have been fortunate to have a number of leaders of “women who tiki” join us this year. Recognized as “Women Who Tiki”, their leadership and contributions benefit all.

Date: Saturday June 8th  Time: 12:45 

Location: Panorama Ballroom Ticket: No Charge 

The Professor or The Ambassador?  Why not both?!

Two heroes of the rum world in one place? Steve Remsberg and Ian Burrell hold a special place in the heart of all rum drinkers. We don’t question how the stars aligned, we’re just happy to have them here. The only detail we can provide on the tasting: special.

Presenters: Stephen Remsberg and Ian Burrell

Date: Friday June 7th     Time: 12:30PM

Ticket: $40

The $1000 Rum Tasting with Ian Burrell 

Ian’s awards and recognition as a leader in the rum world, is only eclipsed by his welcoming nature and vast knowledge of rum. This is an opportunity to not only taste  rare and special rums, but have one of the world’s top rum experts at your side.

*How good is your math? Our goal is to provide the best experience, balanced with moderation & sobriety. Six rum retailing for $170, may hit the $1k number, but not the best choice. Four rums  that retail for $250 may not be the best choice. We never cut corners for our villagers, but if the $1000 is a magic number for you, this may not be the best choice for you. If you trust us, and “kind of maybe like Ian” then grab one of the few seats available.

Presenter: Ian Burrell

Date: Saturday June 8th Time: 1:00-2:30 PM

Location: Panorama Ballroom Ticket: $40


Craft Classes + Activities

Make Your Own Float Fish Pendant

Join artist and carver Tom Fowner as he teaches you how to make your own fish float pendant. You can wear it Saturday at the Mai-Kai and show off your amazing talent!

Presenter: Tom Fowner

Date: Friday June 7th Time: 10:00 AM

Carve Your Own Pendant

Ready to learn from a legend? Will Anders is back to teach you how to carve your very own Tiki pendant. Pay attention and you can wear it to the Mai-Kai Saturday night!

Presenter: Will Anders

Date: Saturday June 8th Time: 2:00 PM

Paint Your Own Black Velvet Masterpiece with Tiki Tony

Elvis. Tigers. The Madonna. An endless array of subject matter. Let Tiki Tony help you find the Picasso or Dali you have kept hidden all these years.

Presenter: Tiki Tony

Date: Saturday June 8th Time: 10:00 AM

Ticket: $20

Pool-Proof Pin-Up

Florida summer weather and pool water be damned! Learn about the prefect waterproof makeup  - and apply the perfect makeup yourself  during the symposium.  Pool-side selfies are in your future.

Presenter: Nicole Brauchler

Date: Saturday June 8th Time: 12:00 PM – 1:15 PM

Ticket: $15 


Cocktail Classes at the Okokle Maluna Cocktail Academy

Ready to Master the Mai-Tai, Perfect your Planter’s Punch, Dazzle with your Daquiri? 

Back for our third year, Okole Maluna Cocktail Academy brings a distinguished faculty to teach you the tips and tricks from the best bartenders in tiki. Small classes that are hands-on …..be ready to blend, garnish, shake, and stir.


Tiki Diablo has designed a special series of barware just for Okole Maluna. Rum sippers, spoons, muddlers, strainers, and a flask. With each class you take you get to choose one of the special items to take home.

Host with the Most?

If you’re committed to learning all you can we have a special gift for you. Once you have completed EIGHT classes ( min of 5 Core) you will be recognized as a graduate of the academy. All graduates receive High Honors – Magna Drinka Lotta, and a Tiki Diablo mug exclusively for graduates and faculty (no charge, our gift to you). 

Tiki on the Thames with Georgi Radev 

(Elective)  Georgi Radev is London Tiki. Running the posh Mahiki in Mayfair, and recently opening the acclaimed Laki Kane, Georgi brings the true London tiki perspective. Fancy a tiki cocktail do you? Or just want to learn about tiki across the Atlantic  …..this is for you. 

Presenter: Georgi Radev

Date: Friday June 7th  Time: 12PM – 1:30 PM

Location: Chairman’s Room Ticket: $49

Blending Rums with Ian Burrell

(Core)  Why use just one rum when you can use two or three? But which rums should you use? There are few people walking the planet with more knowledge and expertise than Ian Burrell. You will learn about blending, as well as a deeper knowledge of the spirt we know and love.

Presenter: Ian Burrell

Date: Friday June 7th   Time: 11AM

Location: Commodore Room   Ticket: $49

It’s a Pirate’s Life For Me:  Brian Miller

(Elective) Tiki legend and derelict Brian Miller sails in from the exotic island of Manhattan to share his tales of pillage and plunder. Brian kept the tiki torch lit in NYC with his famous ‘Tiki Mondays”, and recently opened Polynesian, just blocks from the “crossroads of the world”.  Rrrrr you ready for this? 

Presenter: Brian Miller

Date: Friday June 7th   Time: 2PM – 3:30 PM

Location: Chairman’s Room     Ticket: $49

Mai Tai Two Ways

(Core) Really? That’s how you make it in Pittsburgh/Atlanta? Everybody has their own riff or twist to most all tiki cocktails. How much is too much? When is the drink no longer a …….?  Hidden Harbor and S.O.S. will lead you as you make you own “signature” Mai-Tai, as well as a little spirited debate.

Presenters:  Adam Henry (Hidden Harbor) and Ian Jones  (S.O.S)

Date: Friday June 7th  Time: 3PM- 4:30 PM 

Attack of The Zombie Women

(Core) If this title caught your eye, you’re likely in a special group that savor sipping and serving the beast of all tiki cocktails. If the Zombie Apocalypse strikes, we’re guessing it will hit big cities like New York and San Francisco ……which is why we asked Shannon Mustipher from NYC and Jeanie Grant from San Fran to share the secrets of the Zombie.

Presenters: Jeanie Grant & Shannon Mustipher

Date: Friday June 7th   Time: 4PM -5:30PM

Ticket: $49

Stocking Your Home Tiki Bar

(Core) Matt Pietrek, author of Minimalist Tiki, and celebrated “Cocktail Wonk” blogger, breaks down the must haves for your home bar. Matt’s philosophy is rooted in simplicity, which is perfect for the home tiki tender. Maximum versatility with minimal space. Matt has the ability to take things that have grown overly complex, and pare it down to what really matters.

Presenter: Matt Pietrek 

Date: Saturday June 8th   Time: 11AM – 12:30 PM    

Location: Chairman’s Room Ticket: $49

Tiki Garnish with Kevin Beary & Three Dots 

(Core) Don’t serve that drink until it is topped off with the proper garnish. Presentation matters. Your drink should look as great as it tastes. Nobody does garnishes better than Kevin Beary and the Three Dots team. This is your opportunity to take your cocktails to the next level.

Presenter: Kevin Beary

Date: Saturday June 8th   Time: 12PM – 1:30 

Ticket: $49

The Holy Trinity : Rum Lime Sugar

(Core) It all starts with the big three. Scotty Schuder, all the way from Paris, will be your guide. It can be a challenge to travel to Paris to drink at Scotty’s bar ( Named Top 100 Bars in the World) so we have brought Scotty to you. You’ll learn, laugh, drink, and maybe get the secret to The Cuban Roll.

Presenter: Scotty Schuder

Date: Saturday June 8th  Time: 1PM – 2:30 PM

Location: Chairman’s Room Ticket: $49

Vodka: The Foundation of the Best Tiki Cocktails 

(Core) At one time vodka was denigrated and shamed as a tasteless and soulless spirit. Fortunately progressive tiki bartenders have rescued this amazing spirit from the trash heap of history, and restored it to it’s deserved spot as ……….. are you still reading? Really? We may add one more class Saturday at 3PM. Stay tuned. No vodka allowed.