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Attend the Hukilau

Attend The Hukilau
Tickets | Lodging | Mai-Kai Dinner / Show Reservations
Shuttle Tickets | Tips from the Natives


We have several ticket options for every budget.

Ticket prices increase after March 1, 2011 so purchase now to save!



- $110

  • Includes all 4 Days of Entertainment and Access to Kickoff Party at the Bahia Cabana and The Hukilau Room Crawl
    Does not include any symposiums or other special presentations. All symposiums and special presentations are a la carte.
  • All Day Friday inside the Tiki Treasures Bazaar with Rum Rat Pack signing and Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily meet and greet
  • Friday Night Main Event
  • Saturday Festivities at the Bahia Mar and Sunday Finale at the Mai-Kai
  • Sunday activities are FREE!! (TBA) (please see schedule for details)

Thursday Kickoff Party at Cabana -

(Cabana Only Party)

- $20

  • This Pass will gain you entry and access to the Bahia Cabana for The Intoxicators performance at 10pm and gives you a chance to enjoy The Hukilau Room Crawl - Tribute to the King!

Friday Night Main Event Only - $40

  • Admittance to the Friday Night Main Event - Doors open at 7:00pm
    (please see schedule for details)

Saturday Day Pass - $25

  • Admittance to the Commodore and Grand View Ballrooms Saturday to enjoy our Tiki Treasures Bazaar plus performances throughout the day
    (please see schedule for details)

Beachbum Berry's Rumposium & His Rat Pack! - $35

Beachbum Berry presents ... the Rum Rat Pack!
  • The Bum has hand-picked four of the world’s most entertaining rum authorities, together on stage for the first time to celebrate Tiki’s favorite spirit. The Bum’s Rumposium -- a Hukilau tenth-anniversary exclusive!

The Story of Aquarama:World Famous Mermaid Attraction - $20

Presented by Vintage Roadside
  • Learn about one of the most amazing 1960s roadside attractions in mermaid history. Inspired by Florida's Weeki Wachee. See more about this Symposium and others on the Entertainment page.

Hawaii - Sailors, Sex and the Birth of Old School Tattoos - $12

Presented by Paul Roe
  • This symposium covers the development of the "Old School" tattoo style through the words, photos and tattoo designs of some of the legendary names of tattooing.

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Purchase Your Tickets Here

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Click the link below to make your reservations

801 Seabreeze Boulevard
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316

For reservation Click Here

Bahia Cabana

3001 Harbor Drive
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316

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Mai-Kai Dinner/Show Reservations


There is no Hukilau ticket required for our evening at the Mai-Kai but you do need to make dinner/show reservations. Drinks, dinner and show are purchased a la carte.

To make your reservations
call the Mai-Kai directly at


You have 2 dinner shows to choose from and both include a Happy Hour in the Molokai Bar.

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Shuttle Tickets

There will be shuttle tickets to and from the Mai-Kai on Saturday night.

If you plan on drinking we suggest that you take this option and leave your worry and rental car back at your hotel.

Mai-Kai Shuttle Pass

The shuttle passes will be on sale during registration at the event only

They will also be cash only.


Delivers you safely to the Mai-Kai then back to the door of your hotel on Saturday 6/11/2011. Shuttles departs for both the early and late show. You will be asked at time of purchase which show you plan to attend.

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Tips From the Natives

The following tips have been created to ease your experience at The Hukilau. Your 1st stop once you arrive should be Registration. Registration will be located at the Bahia Mar Hotel. Once you register – WEAR YOUR WRISTBANDS. Details and hours of Registration on the Schedule.


Greater Fort Lauderdale offers iPhone users an app that is as sunny as the weather. Download this free official iVisitLauderdale application, brought to you by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitors Bureau, for an enhanced visitor experience. Find up-to-date insider information and the latest GPS mapping technology for hundreds of restaurants, hotels, spas, shops, watersports, attractions and much more.

Florida Weather

There will probably be some intermittent rain showers during each day. The Bahia Cabana and Bahia Mar are both within walking distance, so you may want to be prepared with an umbrella or a jacket with a hood. Cabs are readily available at both the Bahia Mar and the Yankee Clipper if you'd rather have a ride.

Florida Sun

You might think you’re ready for Florida sun but you’re not. Bring your sunscreen!! You can get a burn just by standing outside and talking with other ohana. Summer will be in full swing around these parts so come prepared. You will most likely need a stronger SPF than you're used to. We've seen several baked lobsters over the weekend so don't let that be you!!

The Hukilau Host Hotels

We currently have 2 Hukilau host hotels. The Bahia Cabana and The Bahia Mar. These are 2 different hotels in close proximity to one another. They are similar in name only and you might get confused so in the schedule or the site we might refer to them simply as The Cabana or The Mar.

Room Crawl Etiquette

The host rooms for the Room Crawl work hard to bring you their individual experience. These folks also purchase mostly everything themselves so when you see a tip jar, throw some cash in it. It will be appreciated and well deserved. Also keep in mind you are in someone’s hotel room in which they are responsible, please respect their property as well as the hotel property. Those that cannot follow this simple rule will be asked to leave immediately.


How do we know you are a ticket holder? By wearing your wristbands. When you register at the event you will receive your wristbands. If at anytime we see someone without a wristband our security team must ask you to leave. Hukilau attendees pay hard earned dollars to attend this event and there will be some that will try to come in without paying. Therefore, wearing your wristband DURING ALL TIMES/DAYS of the event will show you are an Official Villager.

Washroom attendants

The Mai-Kai has washroom attendants. Be prepared to support this bit of throwback-luxury by having a dollar or two on you when you visit the restroom, for tips.

Where to find people

When you register, you'll get a program that will tell you the Hukilau schedule, but during the few times when nothing is scheduled, you can probably find people congregating at the Poolside Bar at the Bahia Cabana, the Tiki Treasures Bazaar at the Bahia Mar, poolside at the Bahia Mar or possibly at the Molokai Bar at the Mai-Kai. Plan on keeping a cell phone with you during the weekend to make it easier to meet up with friends, old & new.

Pace Your Drinking/Mai-Kai cocktails

DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Pacing is important. Not just drinks throughout one evening, but through the entire weekend. With the official events starting on Thursday, to the Sunday Finale party, that is 4 very full days of activities and drinking, and although it is a worthy goal, you are not required to experience every single minute. If you feel yourself burning out, go to your room and take a short nap for an hour or two, if it will refresh you. There will likely be ongoing events or room parties happening when you do wake up - and if you're from the West coast, you may be able to witness the unusual site of the morning sun rising over the ocean. BY ALL MEANS – DRINK RESPONSIBLY! The Hukilau also provides you with a shuttle service on Saturday night so no one has to worry about driving!! The Mai-Kai will also gladly call a taxi for you!

Mai-Kai Cocktails/Happy Hour

A gain, pace yourself and DRINK LOTS OF WATER. If you're not used to drinks like the Jet Pilot and the Zombie, they can sneak up on you when you least expect it and interrupt your entire Mai-Kai experience – do not take that statement lightly, it is true. No matter what dinner show you are attending on Saturday night each one will include Happy Hour. The Mai-Kai Happy Hour now features all drinks and appetizers at ½ Off (some restrictions apply) so trying a couple is now as easy as ordering. Another idea to PACE YOURSELF is order from the Medium Page of the Drink Menu and the other order from the Strong Page – and order Appetizers!! Fill that tummy!

Food - Remember to eat!

The schedule sometimes leaves little time to get lunch, but it's way important. We have seen too many people so hung over on day two they had nothing but bad times. A huge help in pacing is a full stomach. You will be surrounded by good food all weekend – the Cabana has wonderful hearty and light fare, the Bahia Mar has great pizzas and yummy pastas/sandwiches and of course the Mai-Kai has world winning cuisine. A meal will keep you on an even keel very well. The Bahia Cabana and the Bahia Mar will gladly prepare these meals TO GO!

Bring Cash/ATM Card

You WILL be able to use credit cards at The Hukilau merch table but not at our other vendor booths. Bring your ATM card. You will likely see some vendor artwork or goodies that will impress, and you don't want to be caught short on cash. Some of the vendors will not have a credit card option to pay so you might want to bring some handy cash as well. There are Bank of America, Compass and Wachovia branches in the immediate area and ATM machines located at each hotel but with a premium. Also bring an empty bag, especially if flying into Florida, to have room for all the items you may purchase.

Bring Your Favorite Tiki Mug

With the Room Crawl it's always fun to see everyone enjoying their cocktails in their very own Tiki mug. Bring your own and have the bartenders at the different venues fill you up!

Do you have a tip to share? Please share it with us! Send us an email on the contact page.

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