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jeff "beachbum" berry
Jeff "Beachbum" Berry

Jeff “Beachbum” Berry is the author of four books on vintage Tiki drinks and cuisine -- Grog Log, Intoxica!, Taboo Table, and Sippin' Safari -- which Los Angeles magazine called “the keys to the tropical kingdom.”  He has been profiled in the New York Times, Imbibe magazine,, the New Orleans Times-Picayune,, Bar magazine, and the Tampa Tribune; he’s also been featured in the Washington Post and W magazine.  Jeff created the cocktail menu for the Luau in Beverly Hills, which the New York Times cited as one of the nation’s 24 “Bars on The Cutting Edge,” and co-created “Tiki+” for iPhone, a drink recipe app which Macworld magazine called “beautifully rendered and, thanks to Berry’s tireless reporting, impeccably sourced.”  Jeff’s original cocktail recipes have been printed in publications around the world, most recently the 67th edition of the Mr. Boston Official Bartenders Guide; his drinks have been served at Elletaria in Manhattan, the Tabou Tiki Room in Berlin, Taboo Cove in Las Vegas, the Tiki Room in Stockholm, Pho Republique in Boston, the Palace Cafe in New Orleans, and Intoxica in Copenhagen, among others.  Jeff has appeared on Martha Stewart Living Radio and Radio Margaritaville, and has conducted tropical drink seminars and tastings across the U.S. and Europe.  He serves on the advisory board of the Museum Of The American Cocktail.

Cairo, Havana, London, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, New York, San Juan -- from the 1930s through the 1960s, legendary mixologist “Joe The Bartender” was everywhere and nowhere, always one step ahead of governments who suspected him of espionage because he served so many heads of state, generals, and journalists.  This seminar reveals the untold story of the trained chemist who spoke eight languages and survived two revolutions, imprisonment, and exile to create such infamous exotic drinks as the Suffering Bastard.  Presented by Jeff “Beachbum” Berry, who spent two years tracking down his elusive subject.

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shag aka josh angle
Shag - Josh Agle

Josh Agle is a California painter and designer who is probably better known by the name he signs on his paintings, “Shag.” Agle has spent the last decade creating a body of work based on his idiomatic aesthetic preference, a world of mid 20th century modern architecture and design, populated by hedonists, supplicants, and indifferent women.

shagSince the early 1990s, Shag’s paintings have depicted tiki imagery: bar scenes, tropical settings and Polynesian kitsch. Agle is considered a pioneer in spurring the resurgence of interest in tiki culture, and has created designs and art for Disneyland, Trader Vic’s, the MGM Grande and Coca-Cola.

Shag’s work has been featured in collections and museums worldwide, including the Naples Museum of Modern Art in 2009, the Riverside Art Museum in 2008, and the Laguna Art Museum in 2007. Several books have been published about his art and design, including the recently released “Autumn’s Come Undone,” (2009, Baby Tattoo Press).

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dvd of tiki

Paradise Lost
An exciting journey to Americas most exotic era.

Finally, after almost 6 years in the making and travelling all over the globe, you will be able to relive the rise and fall of polynesian pop.
Be there. See the places and the people. Hear the stories from eye witnesses and real tiki aficionados like Martin Denny,
Leroy Schmaltz & Bob van Oosting, Eric Askew, the Bali Hai Boys, Sven Kirsten, Otto von Stroheim, Shag, Bosko, Jeff Berry and many more.


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weeki wachee

Lu Vickers -
The History of Weeki Wachee

A visit to one of Florida’s oldest Roadside Attractions – author Lu Vickers takes us on a visual tour and shares stories and the history of one of the most magical theme parks in the world. Expect to see photos and vintage 8mm movies featuring rare footage. Additional surprises in store and will be announced later!

duda leite

Tikimentary - In Search of the Lost Paradise

Duda Leite - Bio
Award winning Brazilian filmmaker Duda Leite (aka Tiki De Mille) has always been fascinated by moving images and POP culture.  In 1994 he directed his first short film in São Paulo, Brazil, called SERIAL CLUBER KILLER, inspired by the movies of John Waters and Russ Meyer. This short won the Best Short Film Award at MIX BRAZIL, got an immediate following and became a cult hit. "SERIAL CLUBER KILLER" was also shown at the OUTFEST, in Los Angeles. 

In 1995, he directed his second film SELMA & DENISE, a lesbian-trashy punk version of the Hollywood hit Thelma & Louise. It was also shown at the MIX BRAZIL Film Festival. AFTER THE FOX, a sing-a-long homage to Surf and the music by Burt Bacharach came in 1999 and was shown at various Festivals around the world, including a special screening at the MOCA Miami. 

RESMUNGO was his first short filmed in Miami, Florida, in 2005. It was shown at MTV Brazil, and was selected for the FRAMELINE Film Festival in San Francisco, CA. 

In 2009 he presented TIKIMENTARY, his first documentary. It premiered at The Hukilau, in Fort Lauderdale and later that year at Tiki Oasis.   The TIKIMENTARY has been show at various film festivals including Tiki Oasis, São Paulo International Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro Short Film Festival, MIX Brazil and at Otto’s Shrunken Head, in New York City.  It won a Special Mention at CINE MUBE, in São Paulo.

Now it’s time to unveil TIKIMENTARY REDUX, his first long-feature. Getting even closer to his favorite Tikiphiles, TIKIMENTARY REDUX is an intimate portrait of a charming, eccentric, and mostly cheerful group of friends. Starring: Tiki Kiliki, Shag, Lenore “Tikilicious” & Steve Koppleman, Otto von Strohein, Baby Doe, King Kukulele, Marina The Fire Eating Mermaid, Harold Golen, Sunshine Tiki, Kelly & Paul Patterson, Nicole & Joe Desmond and the music by The Intoxicators, Martini Kings and many more! TIKIMENTARY REDUX will make it’s world premiere at The Hukilau 2010.

Contact INFO:

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harold golen gellery


Harold Golen Gallery
of Miami

Harold Golen Gallery of Miami, one of the leading Lowbrow/Pop Surrealists galleries in the country, is making another appearance at The Hukilau and bringing you POLY BLEND – a show blending all types of exotic imagery and Mid-Century Modern with Polynesian Oceanic Arts. Such as; a Hula Girl from Hawaii, next to a Witch Doctor's Mask from Africa, Bohemian dancers with fruit on their heads, a mixed Rum Cocktail from Cuba, a Flamingo from Brazil, all wrapped up in a Mid-Century Modern styled bar.

Harold has always collected art.  He paid close attention as the Lowbrow and Pop Surrealist Movement began on the West coast, where small groups of artists were inspired by iconic elements such as Tiki, Illustration Art, Pinups, Black Velvet Paintings, Paint By Numbers, etc….. He saw the demand and as his interest and passion grew for this movement he knew he must open The Harold Golen Gallery.  You can find his gallery, and have the opportunity to mingle with such acclaimed artists as Skot Olsen, in the Wynwood Art District of Miami.

This year at Hukilau expect to see works from artists such as Bosko, Joe and Donella Vitale, Heather Watts, Tiki Tony, Mookie, Derek Yaniger and many more.  Past shows for Hukilau have included Fine Art Tiki in 2008 and Poly Pop Living for 2009 –both have given some of these artists the opportunity to show on the East Coast for the very first time. For show times and hours please see The Hukilau schedule and don’t miss Opening Night on June 10, 2010 at the Bahia Mar Commodore Ballroom!

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Everybody’s favorite fashion show is back! Watch models and fellow tiki fans strut down the runway wearing gorgeous one-of-a-kind modern and vintage Aloha apparel during the Hukilau’s Sarong-O-Rama fashion show! See a kaleidoscope of colorful dresses, awesome accessories, and Aloha shirts galore! Many of these fab fashions will be available for purchase.  Organized & hosted by Tiki Bree and Sandra Carr—this is one exotic extravaganza the kanes and wahines don’t want to miss!

Tiki Bree (Bre-elle Ishtar) grew up on Florida's space coast during its boom in the 1960s where the best of Florida's kitsch attractions and space-age architecture were in its prime. Sci-fi movies at drive-in theaters, mermaids, astronauts, orange groves, and a talent for getting backstage at mod concerts were common fare for this gal as she rocketed through her teens with outlandish fashions of her own design. Bree's early modeling credits include a magazine ad for Ron Jon's surf shop, cover of the Cocoa Beach phone directory, print work for Bell Telephone's "new" Touch Tone phones and Central Florida’s Teen Model of the Year. Bre-elle continued her modeling work appearing in fashion shows for Central Florida department stores, print, TV and industrial work. Attendees at Hula Hula productions of The Florida Show, Retro-Rama, and Baby Boomer antiques shows enjoy Bre-elle's glam appearances as the Florida Orange Juice Girl, Miss Sunken Gardens, a Weeki Wachee inspired mermaid and retro Barbie. Recently in January when attending a Lady GaGa concert, Bre-elle was asked to pose for photographers to post her picture on the Monster Ball website. Bre-elle brings her well-rounded expertise in retro fashion, entertainment and tiki to the catwalk at this year’s Hukilau!

Sandra Carr Sandra was enthralled by the whimsical art and beauty of tiki after she watched The Brady Bunch Go to Hawaii episode when she was in elementary school. She has utilized her creativity and given back to the tiki community by covering the tiki culture for Orlando (2004), writing about the Exotica tiki festival and the closing of Trader Vic’s in Chicago for Time Out Chicago (2005), covered the Hukilau tiki festivals in 2005 and 2006 for Tiki Magazine and has written about a tiki road trip through the coasts of Florida for the Orlando Sentinel’s travel section (2006). Besides writing about tiki, she has modeled 1960s fashions with her husband during the 2005 AMP! (Art, Music and Poetry) show in Orlando and the Sarong-O-Rama in 2007. Sandra brings her ardor, enthusiasm and experience to those sashaying tiki threads during Hukilau 2010!


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friends of hukilau

King Kukulele


King Kukulele

King Kukulele is Krazy!! He’s been the Master of Ceremonies at Hukilau since the beginning and is just as much a part of each year’s event as the Mai Kai itself. Incredibly talented and always hilarious, Denny Moynahan, whose stage name is King Kukulele, is a comedian, actor and ukuleleist with inexorable energy always seen wearing an Aloha shirt, straw hat, grass skirt and lei. He has performed his hapa haole and novelty songs for many events including, as stated above, Hukilau 2002 - 2006, Tiki Kiliki’s Tiki Torch Nights in Atlanta, James Teitelbaum’s Tabu Tiki Nights in Chicago, Exotica, Tiki Oasis and several other Tiki & Rockabilly weekenders all over the globe. As always, we welcome him back each year to keep us all laughing. |

the woggles

The Woggles

Combine a splash of surf, a pinch of rhythm and blues, a few fistfuls of soul, a whole lotta 60's-inspired rock n' roll, and you get the musical phenomenon that is The Woggles. From songs that shake the rafters to shows that tear the roof off, The Woggles are a four-man delivery system for 200-proof butt-shakin' r-o-c-k.

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Now for some history.... 1994 The Neanderthals are disovered near the North Pole by anthropologist Dr. John Tichy . After thawing them out in alchohol he began playing his extensive record collection of 50's Rockabilly and early 60's frat rock as therapy...rock therapy you could say. To his surprise they began to mimic the sounds they heard and as a lark he thought it might be amusing to make a record with them. He contacted his good friend Eddie Angel who in turn brought them to London to record with Liam Watson at his legendary Toe Rag studio. Liam and Eddie rounded up some of their friends to play on the recording; Boz Boorer played sax and Brian Nevill played drums, Malcolm Chapman and Takashi "Mr Pan" Manabe of The Neatbeats added guitars. The result was the CD/ LP "The Latest Menace to the Human Race" containing classic songs like "Werewolf From Outer Space" , "Ballbuster Baby" and "Too Many Nights in a Gin Mill"
1996 The Neanderthals recorded their second album "Modern Stone Age Family" for Sundazed Records. It was recorded in Burlington Vermont, produced by Terry Adams (NRBQ) and featured the inimitable drumming of NRBQ's Tommy Ardolino .
As their fame spread, The Neanderthals began to tour the world, headlining festivals like the" Wipeout Festival" in Spain and "Las Vegas Grind"
Their latest CD is "The Neanderthals in Space"

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sweet hollywaiians


Sweet Hollywaiians

"The Sweet Hollywaiians” are Tomotaka Matsui, Nobumasa Takada a.k.a. king Mario, Takashi Nakayama and Kohichi Tsutsumishita. Based in Osaka, Japan, they were originally street musicians who share a common passion of Hollywood styled Hawaiian, Swing, Ragtime, Blues, Calypso and Italian soundtracks from the 1920s-1930s. They also have a passion for string band tradition in collecting the music of long forgotten legends like Sol Hoopii, King Bennie Nawahi, Roy Smeck.

They concentrate on several string instruments including like a Hawaiian steel guitar, banjo, tipple, ukulele, mandolin, a bass and guitars. Most of the members are multi-instrumentalist and they change their instruments song by song.

Founded in 2000, so far they have released four Albums,"Ticklin' The Strings", "Hula Girl", "'O Surdato 'nnammurato", "Maile Swing". They have gone to many overseas live performances and earn acclaim from the audiences in the U.S.A, France, Belgium, Netherlands and of course Japan.

Film maker "Terry Zwigoff" said "The Sweet Hollywaiians have probably the best feel for this 20's music of any string band working today."

This is the First time that Sweet Hollywaiians will play in the East Coast of the USA. A not to be missed performance!

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Formed in a dark basement below a Witco outrigger in Tallahassee, FL The Intoxicators! have brought their special blend of  classic surf, rockabilly, and pure guitar-driven instrumental rock to The Hukilau since 2005.

Besides The Hukilau, the band has graced the stages of Tiki bars and festivals around the Southeast, including Drive Invasion in Atlanta, Ga., the Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Tiki Torch Nights at Trader Vic's in Atlanta.

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stolen idols


Stolen Idols

An instrumental quintet of players with eclectic musical backgrounds, Stolen Idols present a potent cocktail of beatnik bongo jazz, Latin jazz and exotica. They are one of only a small number of ensembles in the world currently presenting exotica authentically with acoustic instruments and a Latin jazz sensibility.

Drew Farmer - pianist, composer, and vinyl junkie - who has long been obsessed with music that falls through the cracks between genres, formed Stolen Idols in 2008. His own sacred rite of passage occurred as a child, via his Dad's collection of Easter Island mugs and copy of Yma Sumac's "Voice of the Xtabay.” Drew’s interest in tiki culture was piqued when he found himself living in tropical Boston and getting to hear Combustible Edison play for free on Monday nights at the Green Street Grill in Cambridge.

This longtime growing obsession became uncontrollable when he moved back to Florida in 2003.

"I was suddenly surrounded by tropical plants and 99 cent easy listening records. I kept waiting for an exotica group to show up here, but none did."

That's when he realized he had to do it himself.

Drew spent a year getting the right combination of players together to form Stolen Idols, including Drew on piano; Ivan Ftorek and Jeff Browder on percussion; Kent Oldfield on vibes, marimba, and percussion; and Bob Strickland on acoustic bass.

Stolen Idols started gigging around the greater Tampa/St. Pete archipelago in mid-2008. Settings have ranged from intimate cocktail lounges to museums to large festivals, such as the WMNF Tropical Heatwave. Their set at the Mai Kai was one of the highlights of the 2009 Hukilau.

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The Bikini Beachcombers

The Bikini Beachcombers

The Bikini Beachcombers make you feel like you are at a beach party in Waikiki. Starting their career hosting a monthly event at Foundation Tiki Bar in Milwaukee, The Beachcombers quickly spread their spirit of ALOHA to the tiki hot spots of Chicago, including Trader Vic's, Hala Kahiki, Chef Shangri-La, and the festival Chicago Exotica. The band then took their island fever to Florida for appearances at Hukilau and the World famous Mai Kai in Ft. Lauderdale. The Bikini Beachcombers have also performed at the world's largest tiki festival, Tiki Oasis in San Diego.

This classic show includes live hula dancing performed to popular Hapa Haole
songs from the Hawaiiana heydays, as well as beach party favorites from the 1960s.
Their smooth island sound is ideal for tiki bars and pool or beach parties. These straw
hat clad beach bums love getting together, drinking Mai Tais and performing live
beach party music. A new CD will be released in Summer 2010.

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The Bikini Beachcombers

Walk The Plank

They are landlocked in Atlanta, Ga but please don't tell them. Walk The Plank makes beautiful music inspired by them 'living' on a beach in southwestern Mexico. The food, the culture, the surf ready tubes rolling in just short of thier palapa huts. It's easy to see how the four of them perform such a eloquent and passionate style of the exotica and lounge music they adore. Featuring members of The Hiss, El Capitan, The Partisan, and Diesto, an evening with Walk The Plank will make your knees wabble.

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marina the mermaid

Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid

Since 1987, stunt dancer Marina (Malia) Duran-Anderson has been well known for her highly dynamic and athletic performances. Marina's retro-pop style performances have made her a favorite with tikiphile audiences. Her lifelong enthusiasm for the preservation of Retro- aquatic & Polynesian pop culture entertainment as a dancer at revered tiki temples such as the Hawaiian Inn at Daytona Beach and the Mai-Kai in Fort Lauderdale. Her retro- styled sub-aquatic performances continue to be enjoyed by audiences worldwide. 

With additional training in theatre, martial arts, Japanese music, and ethnic dance styles ranging from Polynesian to Eastern, Marina demonstrates a very unique synthesis of dance, stunts and implements. These range from aqua ballets both Mermaid Swim Tails and theatrical pearl-dives to fire eating, fire poi spinning, dancing while balancing on drums and glasses, performing on a bed of nails and even dancing barefoot on broken plates. Such diverse performances have led to many appearances at numerous eclectic venues, ranging from television, film and theatre to high profile public & private venues and events. She now continues to do her part in helping to preserve retro-style entertainment venues performing underwater as a mermaid and pearl diver at the Yankee Clipper's famous Wreck Bar, set to re-open in January 2010. Marina is thrilled to once again be performing for Hukilau!!

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Elena -
Hula Hooper Extraordinaire!

Elena Brandhofer is founder of "Centrifugal Force", a local Hoopgroup based in Rosendale NY.  She is a Certified Personal Trainer, as well as a Certified Hoopdance, Bodyhoops, Zumba, Kickboxing and Aerobics Instructor.  As a marathon runner and triathlon veteran, Elena found that years of high impact training had created a tightness in her body mind and spirit that was liberated by the free movement and transformative power of hooping.  Through performance, lessons, personal instruction and hoop distribution, Elena has seen people from all walks of life and physical fitness levels open thier bodies, unleash thier raw potential and find joyful self-expression through intuitive movement with the hoop. Her mission is to share the boundless possiblities of Hoopdance with the global community. 

candy del rio


Candy Del Rio

Candy Del Rio originally hails from the sunny state of California where she developed her love for dance. Currently residing outside of the Nation’s Capital, Candy has performed various genres of dance from ballet, jazz, and go-go to tribal belly dance and burlesque from coast to coast. She has performed with some of the top dancers in all genres as both a student and co-performer. Her love of all styles of music, costuming and performance earned her an invitation to perform at this year’s Hukilau, along with her eye-popping figure and allure. Candy’s class and sass exemplify a by-gone era of beauties we have all come to love. In her spare time she also is a semi-professional pin-up, portrait and performance photographer for Stereo Vision Photography.

Reverend Valentine


Reverend Valentine

Welcome the rockin' Reverend Valentine in her debut Hukilau appearance! She's ga-ga for go-go dancing and is a true performer and artist at heart.

"The Rev" makes her living as a tattoo artist but moonlights as a burlesque dancer, belly dance performer and instructor, a certified wildlife rehabilitator and yes - an ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church! She also is Ms. April 2010 in the Pinups for Pitbulls calendar and was the First Runner up in the 2009 Mrs. Mothman Pageant in Point Pleasant, WV. Curious yet?

The Rev looks forward to meeting you in June and shimmying her way into your heart! Alooooha!

hukilau djs

dj lee


DJ Lee of Dionysus Records

DJ Lee (Burbank,CA.) Lee Joseph brings to Hukilau a mixture of exotica and exotic related sounds, spanning the 1950s through the 1970s -- from Hawaii to Hollywood, from surf to Moog and beyond, via his favorite medium, the 7" 45 RPM record! This versatile DJ’s resume includes multitudinous garage rock, soul and exotica fests and he has spent well over eight years on the Los Angeles club circuit spinning rock 'n' roll, indie, punk and electronica.  “DJ Lee” also heads up the legendary independent record label Dionysus Records ( ) and runs Lee Joseph Publicity for the Visual Arts ( ) whose clientele includes The Hukilau, Heather Watts, La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Billy Shire Fine Arts and the 1933 Group Bars in Los Angeles.

dj dr. scopitone


DJ Dr. Scopitone

A Pop Culture Mixologist
This punk pop exotica lounge funk master will be offering up his rhythms to the gods which will have all the natives restless!
Your grass skirts will be shakin' like a volcano...and your bodies pumpin' and a flowin' like molten lava! Original creator of the infamous Rock N' Soul Circus party in Atlanta, this is Dr. Scopitone's 2nd visit to The Hukilau and his first to showcase his visual eye candy on screens throughout the event!

dj lounge laura


DJ Lounge
Laura Taylor

DJ Lounge Laura Taylor began her love of mod and standards in the womb, when her mother decided to name her "Laura" after the Johnny Mercer standard, and her middle name "Michelle" after the Beatles song. Her love of soundtracks and exotica formed about four years afterward, when in ballet class she was tasked with learning dance moves to "Baby Elephant Walk" by Henry Mancini. Her career has seen her in radio for nearly two decades, with WUSF in Tampa, WGBH in Boston and now Development Director for Community Radio station WMNF in Tampa. She has also been in various bands like the Baskervils and Thee Cryptkicker Five (Tampa), Astroslut (Boston) and currently in the Velvet Underground tribute group Venus in Furs (both Astroslut and ViF have featured Stolen Idols member and husband Drew Farmer.) Laura has also written liner-notes for RevOla Martin Denny and Les Baxter reissues. Her DJ set at Hukilau will feature her love for now sound, go-go and mod music. Dig it all!

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