Mugs will go on sale very soon!  They will not be shipped to you until June, that is when they will be shipped to the event.
If you do not understand this please do not purchase.

As many of you know, Kevin Kidney designed the amazing Hukilau logo and mascot tiki "Huki", so it was only natural for us to ask Kevin to bring him to life.  Here are the sculpting photos of what will become the Hukilau 2009 Munktiki Mug...incredible!

Here's what Kevin had to say about designing this years mug: "I've been excited about sculpting the official Hukilau mug since Tiki Kiliki approached me to do the event logo a few years ago.  I enjoy the challenge of re-interpreting a flat modern-style graphic into three dimensions, and I love sculpting."

"I started out with a wooden shape and a dowel for the neck, and covered it in sculpting compound.  The graphic lines and curves of the logo dictated a very clean-style to the sculpt.  The details had to be very precise."

"Drawing typefaces by hand is one of my favorite things to do, and the interlocking lettering of the logo was fun to sculpt."

"The logo tiki ( "Huki" ) is based on the Cook Island fishing god - which I thought would be perfect for the Hukilau, being a type of "fishing party," per se. Plus, the Mai Kai restaurant has traditionally made use of a similar style tiki graphic.  It just seemed right!

The Official Hukilau 2009 necklace will be designed by Tiki Tony. Painter, Carver and Illustrator Tiki Tony from Ventura, California, creates whimsical exotic isle works that travel to far off lands, inspired by the art of Ancient Polynesia.  We are proud to announce his involvement in creating the Official Pendant for Hukilau 2009!
More Glassware designs coming from Tiki Kiliki very soon!!